Copyright, Legal and Cookies

Unless otherwise stated, all artwork, imagery, and photography belongs to Amy Evans / tiger tea illustration. It may NOT be used without express permission. Where permission is granted a full credit is required.

If I’ve used someone else’s photography and not got the credit right, please get in touch so I can fix it as soon as possible. I’m only human after all.

You’ll notice that a lot of my artwork has watermarks of my logo on it. I apologise if this spoils the imagery but it feels like a necessary action at the moment due to the increasing plagiarism and theft by large and small companies alike. It is also a temporary pre-emptive move in response to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act, where artwork that has no traceable creator can be used willy-nilly. Not on my watch!

I wish I was talking about those bite-size baked goodies. Alas I’m not. I’m talking about the cookies that float about the web, residing on websites before nestling on your computer. It is now a legal requirement to notify users of a website about cookies.

The only scripts enabled on my website are for Google Analytics and for Add to Any (which enables sharing of specific posts via social networks). As far as I’m aware, these are just scripts and do not leave cookies on your machine.

However, by browsing through my website you accept cookies. If you’re not happy, then go no further and return to the website from whence you came :)

Paper Parade, Colour Me Surprised and other Freebies
I offer freebies under the simple courtesy that if you wish to share/link/use them, I get an appropriate credit back to me and my website. I create them from scratch in whatever spare time I have. Don’t be an arse. DO NOT ALTER THEM. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THEM. DO NOT SELL THEM.

Thank you :)

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